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Flash Builder 4.5 and mobile applications

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment
Since my mobile development class just wrapped up, I finally found some time to check out Flash Builder 4.5.
I have just come from doing Android and iOS apps natively, so I was curious to see just how well the new mobile app builder works.
Once I downloaded the trial version, I was able to through a tabbed Android app layout together in about 5 minutes.
Pretty cool! It took longer to download the Flash Builder itself.
Obviously, this was a real quick glance, and is not indicative of a full-blwon app.
I am going to kick the tires some more and dig a little deeper.
Can’t wait to check out the iOS compiler updated that Adobe says will be out in June sometime.
You know how these announcements go; I would be surprised to see it in June.
The chances of seeing any new Apple device in white is probably greater.